Pathways of Peace

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

There is no substitute for peace in a world of conflict.
The universe will eventually come to rest and then
the Creator will declare peace for all time.

But for now, we mostly just talk about it.

Enjoy this breakdown of how we weave “peace” in and out of our daily conversations:

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The information age is dead – Long Live AI

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

We can read current headlines explaining artificial intelligence, AI, and its rapid rise to power. It is surpassing Human capacity for thinking, performing, and creating.

We appear to be adapting quite well as a frog in a cooking pot with the water temperature slowly rising to a boil.
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Working hard

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The idea of ‘work’ can mean building a palace or
destroying people and places.

Work can be hard, easy, profitable, masterful, secretive and even stupid.

Work also wears a “suit phrase”
which gives ‘metaphor’ a run for its money. (see below)

The biggest question for OG workers is:
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Violent agreement

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Enthusiastic, old guard colleagues
filled the conference hall.

This was the day their net worth
skyrocketed from simple investment to pre-bubble proportions.

It was a golden year for the newly elected
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A conjuring pure

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

A command opens the door
to what is now called silence 
inside comes fulfillment
a directive
now integrating
every molecule of the realm

A choice to bring a just light
to bring a just light
a just light
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WE the People

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The only positive thing humans have ever contributed to Earth history which has value is the formation of the United States of America. In G_d’s eyes, we all fall short of the Glory, and yet, the USA is the greatest nation on the planet.

Remember THESE words of the Preamble of our beloved US Constitution when you pray for the lost loved ones of 9-11.
They are here in their original transcription with my translations in

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