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Me and my influences

American poet, songwriter, and novelist; publishing poetry and short stories in print and online since 1998.
Native of Houston, Texas, and former Marine
(although there is no such thing as a former Marine).
Family roots reach back to Mexico, Spain, Native America, France and Ireland.
This promotes a worldview rich in family love, emotion, storytelling, and truth finding.
Really enjoy well-written and well thought out verse, while backing away from over-used common and vulgar expressions.
Words are music – just find the best “beat” and it will “sing.”

“Knowledge may be power,
while power certainly is love,
but love is knowledge.
Know who you are.”
~ Lawrence J. J. Leonard (1984)

L Leonard





Me gusta escribir la poesía.

Amo scrivere poesie.

Я люблю писать стихи.

Μου αρέσει να γράφω ποίηση.

Ninapenda kuandika mashairi.

4 thoughts on “Me and my influences

  1. Hi Larry thank you so much for stopping by my Blog! I hope that you enjoyed the visit and I am happy that you browsed my Art galleries! 🙂 I am a visual independent artist I love to express my creativity in many different ways and I work with different mediums. When I let my brushes rest I love to create in digital, I love photography, jewelry design, and sometimes I write poems and Haiku when they are whispered to my soul. I hope that you will be back to visit again and maybe follow. I just had a brief visit to your blog. It looks nice. Like your writings. I will be back to read more. 😉 Carolina


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