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Daddy Whipped Cream

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Every time he sings, it’s the blues;
so incredible.
Emotions take a walk in his shoes;
its infallible.

Melody and lyrics a sledge-hammer –
Try to push him over the edge?
He ain’t irascible.
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ADVICE: The best of both worlds – a recipe

(not really)

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Having the best of both worlds
is a go-to favorite fantasy
for people who look at life as a sweet snack,
an afternoon delight,
a normal part of daily living,
or an after-school treat
with friends who don’t sponge off of you.

Or, if you are like the rest of us,
having the best of both worlds
is a faded poster on a rainy street light. Continue reading


Not identifiable as anything we know

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

UFOs have been reported throughout out planet.
“Flying Saucers” is a term coined by Kenneth Arnold
just two weeks before the Roswell Incident,
on June 24, 1947. Continue reading

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Youthful Champion

By Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Happiest is the name of this room.
Little feet marked where the dust
surrounded a statue that is taken from its perch.

Picking up a vaunted trophy is a thrill
and so depressing
for what you were back in the day was prolific. Continue reading

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WE the People

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The only positive thing humans have ever contributed to Earth history which has value is the formation of the United States of America. In G_d’s eyes, we all fall short of the Glory, and yet, the USA is the greatest nation on the planet.

Remember THESE words of the Preamble of our beloved US Constitution when you pray for the lost loved ones of 9-11.
They are here in their original transcription with my translations in

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