Continual reminder

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Plans are never easy
when contending with the soul.
Success is always worth the price
after accomplishing the goal. Continue reading

Light in the sky

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Late night storm clouds
swelling and rumbling overhead,
jangling saturated windows
and flashing curtains aglow
with roars that squeeze a gasp
from my thumping heart. Continue reading

My Nuss Won! ®

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Why drink a SODA POP that ONLY offers you ZERO calories???
Drink this beverage instead AND LOSE WEIGHT!

My Nuss Won! ®

My Nuss Won! ® actually takes MORE calories to digest than it offers,
virtually guaranteeing you lose weight from trying to swallow it
or the science involved in this endeavor.

Here is the “Formula” : Continue reading

Just One Thing

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

I stumbled during a recent quest to understand why we celebrate Friday.  For some it’s just another day. For others it is their Monday.  For shift workers Friday could start as late as 11 o’clock in the evening. Why does this day get universal “thanks” for a crown? Continue reading

Choose the best

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The great King James was celebrating a jubilee, a milestone in his family rule. It was time to bestow glories and give a show of virility and strength. A week of feasting and proclamations. Evenings of merriment and fires ablaze. Interest began bubbling up from the masses as to a rumored runners competition. Continue reading

Real Human Skills – Face-to-Face Infiltration (ʭNaΫ₹)

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Here are the Best Behaviors to practice
in order to be considered a real “live” Human Being. 
Your orders: acclimate; hide in plain sight; and act when alerted.  Continue reading

Keep working at it

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Look here. I work so hard and I care so much. I deserve better.

“They owe me”

  • for spending long hours ‘getting it right’
  • for being on time
  • for remembering all colleagues’ birthdays
  • for leading the team at the company
  •  for loving my partner more than I am loved
  • for donating to hungry children
  • for helping out at my child’s school

Continue reading