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Unspoken questions

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

She sees you cruising
on the street

and wonders
how you got there

as she is dodging
traffic and jeers

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Funny thing about Robots

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Queen News of the World

American artist Frank Kelly Freas altered his 1953 painting for Queen’s album art.

They used to cling and clang. They were faceless and only had numbers for identification.
We now refer to them as “A” “I” creatures. But robots, as they will always be known,
only get the AI designation if they are higher up in the chip processing pecking order.

What is our fascination with a pile of bolts and silica personified? Power?

Is it that we want more than just a reflection of what we see? Relationship?

Is it that we are so surrounded by wonderful creation that we are inspired to re-create creation?

Robots seem to give us a pathway to enhance our own reality. Like Radio Controlled cars and drones.
Not like Virtual Reality (VR) at all. More so in a physical way.

These days robots can be much more.
How is this possible?
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Faceoff game

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Remember that faceoff game when we were seven,
mugging for passersby

and craning to see if they would smile or just grunt or stare back?

We would scrunch up our faces,
sometimes with missing teeth

then squint our eyes to give each effort the full affect.

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