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Change is not a skill to be mastered

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Change is not a skill to be mastered. Why? We can only escort it though our thoughts and deliver it unto our processes.
Once there, we must learn to walk with it. As soon as we start making changes, we only have yesterday for a comparison.  
Nobody has to change. Something about us always does because of the situations we are in.

American writer Libba Bray writes about a character named Gemma Doyle. Doyle has a revelation in The Sweet Far Thing concerning change: “With this power, there is no telling what I can do to change what needs to be changed.”

What is that power? Electric, supernatural, or is it the will to do so?

Even if we don’t have to change,
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The Essence of Cool

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Some say integrity is a skill
that must be practiced,
developed and learned over time.
The same way mathematics
must be grasped
through the repetition of techniques and formulas.


No way!

Integrity is a CHOICE.
It is an outward expression of an inward belief to do the right thing and

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