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*Reliable *Dependable *Sustainable

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The following article dissects communication. Ultimately, it defines relationship. I decided to share this with you because it should be as obvious as a big red barn. For some of us, it will all hit home when reading the last line. No worries. You are still cool with me.

Either way, I want you to get the full effect. There is a word that qualifies communication and is also key to achieving relationship.

It is how a Michelin Star chef prepares each dish.

It is the noteworthy modifier for reliable and dependable service, causing a sustainable relationship between customer and purveyor.

When you figure out this word, please check yourself at the bottom of this page.

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Every Billionaire’s Secret

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

My customers ask me all the time, “Where do I place the Treasure Fulcrum?” Okay, so not exactly in those words. What I hear most often is: “Isn’t there an easier way or some secret formula to get lots of money?

I tell them that there is… inherit it. As with any relationship, acquiring wealth demands commitment. This is not a secret.

Let’s Define Wealth

We know that wealth does not just mean money. It can also be defined as value. It can be defined as our brand. The determining factor is that if some thing is valuable to us, then we can be wealthy by adding more value through honest investment.   

The most succinct definition of “investment” is: “someone’s commitment of an asset in a system in order to achieve a planned goal.” We can commit our moneyinterestservicedevotionheartlove, energy and most importantly time. These are our assets and they allow us to have a relationship with wealth. This is not a secret.

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Turn on the “Loving Parent” Mode for effective Communication in 12.5 steps

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

After years of struggling with old people, old souls, and old habits,
I have discovered a mindset that, when engaged,
puts a fresh perspective in getting on the good side
of misunderstandings, arguments and friendships when conversing with an aged Adult. 

Anyone over 21 years is somebody’s child = an adult child, even if there are no parents.

The following may be extremely helpful for adult children who care for aged parents in need, caregivers, volunteers, 
certified senior advisor (CSA), customer service personnel,
investor relations agents, retail salespersons, or 
anyone who converses with an older adult for any reason.

Success for a meeting of the minds is in having an appreciative and compassionate attitude.

Here are 12.5 ways in which a “Loving Parent” Mode can make your conversations with older adults (not “seniors”) more effective and valuable:

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ADVICE: More than satisfied customers

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

If they like us, then they buy from us.  This is a well-known psychological fact of transactions among Human entities.

Do I really know my own potential to do the right thing, the best thing, the customer service excellence thing? How do others view me?

To borrow some clichés: “Is my head on straight?” and “Are all my toys in one sack?”

And how do I handle all the things I need to accomplish
– when the phone does not ring?
– when that email does not arrive?
– when the clicks on the web page haven’t spiked as expected?
– when the boss doesn’t review my submissions (but then I do the same to my own team) ?
– when I only nod instead of greet certain customers with a smile and acknowledgement?

Do I blame my schedule or the pace of my position or the nature of the business?

Do NOT blame anybody or anything.

Go get a mirror.

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