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ADVICE: More than satisfied customers

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

If they like us, then they buy from us.  This is a well-known psychological fact of transactions among Human entities.

Do I really know my own potential to do the right thing, the best thing, the customer service excellence thing? How do others view me?

To borrow some clichés: “Is my head on straight?” and “Are all my toys in one sack?”

And how do I handle all the things I need to accomplish
– when the phone does not ring?
– when that email does not arrive?
– when the clicks on the web page haven’t spiked as expected?
– when the boss doesn’t review my submissions (but then I do the same to my own team) ?
– when I only nod instead of greet certain customers with a smile and acknowledgement?

Do I blame my schedule or the pace of my position or the nature of the business?

Do NOT blame anybody or anything.

Go get a mirror.

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