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The Toothpaste Moment

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

How many meetings have we been to when, unexpectedly, one person in the group comments about something another member has done or said?

We may have heard this declared or even aimed in our direction: “That’s so odd. I just have to say.”

Did the person who just got labeled as “odd”
FEEL something negative because of that declaration?

Declarations such as this are markers.
They are the DNA of culture bias.
They are cultivated in

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LISTS: I want my

I want my:

Analog                        M T V

Old Time         New Age Religion

C B                  Satellite Radio

Full Size          Hybrid Car

Family             Socialized Doctor

SPCA              Purebred Dog

Prayer              Condoms in School

Gold-based     Fiat Dollar

Full-service      Self-service Gas Station

Rotary             Cell Phone

Family             Solo Dinner Time

Real funny      Sexed-up Films at Theaters

Boy and Girl Scouts      Gangs getting Attention

Sky                  Marijuana Clouds to be Facinating

Patriots            Politicians to plan Tomorrow

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