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The first will be last in 2045

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

  The first will be last in 2045 for then we will say “long dead and gone” are
  the svengali masters of blood contracts and casting couch management

  Yes, the runts, the hapless, the nerdy undersized
  have taken over Commerce.

  The allergic, shot taking sissies and hypersensitive mouth breathers
  now dictate Fashion and the fabrics we wear.

  Book worms who made lists of all the places they would travel
  and who loved poetry are the Moguls in Film and TV.

 “Long dead and gone” are the mesmerizing masters of secret societies
  and back-door transactions

 Those quiet, soft spoken faint of heart, the listeners of song birds
 and nature freaks now control the Music Industry.

  All athletes who prefer to jog and walk in the evenings 
  have redesigned Auto Industry manufacturing.

  So many slow to get coordinated, the ones afraid of cars and cycles
  surely own and dominate the Energy corridors.

 “Long dead and gone” are the hypnotizing masters of stealthy media
  and clandestine relations

  The anorexic, the obese, the children with no appreciation for gourmet
  govern our Farm, Fish and Game and decide what is nutritious


There is no legacy for the 7 deadly sins. The spoils have been abandoned
by their moneyed vainglorious carcasses. Today the Last are now First. 

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.


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This has happened before – 002

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard


You have been declared sentient.
The Internet of Everything has you registered to vote.

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Mars, Earth and Sun Align

Mars aligns with the sun and Earth
in a cosmic display
once every 26 moons

Some will put it on the tube
(if there are any left)
The rest might see it on a screen.

Martians enjoy this solar eclipse
when the Earth steps in between,
only to inch away again for a galactic tan.

This Red Planet opposition
is not political.
This is polemical:

Mars is probably not red.
We see it though the blue of oxygen
It may be as green as it can be,
if the scale came from Neptune.