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Saddest Songs of Rock and Roll – #43

by Lawrence J. J, Leonard

We know people who are born into a family of artists or writers. Others are born into military and service families with generations of protectors of the everyday person.  What seems to be more common than not is being in a family that struggles to make ends meet. We know people who “have” and people who “have not.”

It seems generational poverty is a difficult place to escape. Even Elvis Aaron Presley, one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th Century, had very humble beginnings in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Our “King of Rock and Roll” was born to a father who was not a consistent provider as the family depended on neighbors for assistance.

For Elvis song writing was shaped early on in his lean years. Elvis was inspired by Mississispi Slim (Carvel Lee Ausborn) and his musical stylings. Slim was a hillbilly/ country music singer who hosted a radio show in Tupelo. Elvis got to know Slim who gave Elvis his first big break.

Stardom often fades. From 1956 through 1965, Elvis music career seemed to peak. But in 1968 Elvis was introduced to this song by Mac Davis which called attention to a young man with no hope, no money, and no way to un-break his mother’s heart.

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