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Wait one

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Often wondered how other people politely ask you to suspend your mission until they are ready to assist you?  This is how it goes, sometimes.

FRENCH        Attendez une minute, s’il vous plaît.

FINNISH         Olkaa hyvä, odota yksi minuutti.

GERMAN        Bitte, warten Sie eine Minute. Continue reading

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Italian Love Song

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard, November 2002  

Lei sono il mio solo vera amore. Ho bisogno di lei vicino a me

sempre. Se eravamo re, lei sarebbe la mia regina. L’amo per sempre.

Potere lei sa sempre che lei non sono mai solo. Sono qui. Vivo per lei.


You are my only true love. I need you near me always. If I were a

king, you would be my queen. I love you forever. May you always know

that you are never alone.  I am here.  I live for you.

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