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The Saddest Songs of Rock and Roll – # 4

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

There is nothing grand or mysterious about being alone and lonely. We make comparisons in our experiences and cite epic metaphors in literature. Loneliness is a condition we can sympathize with when someone or a family suffers the loss of  a loved one. Loneliness is discrete – it is either a heavy psychological weight or it is just a notion in passing. There is no universal description of what it is like to be lonely. On one hand there are as many ways to feel lonely as there are situations of separation.  On the other hand we can say the feeling is a physical emptiness and there is only one solution, that is to get back the companionship we have lost. We want to rid ourselves of this emotion and dealing with it in song sometimes helps us cope with the imposing seclusion.

For the  British progressive musical group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) expressing deep emotion is achieved by using traditional stringed instruments, as well as opera in their songs. ELO was innovative in highlighting symphony music within the rock and roll power ballad. Their melodies conjured feelings from bright joys to heartbreaking sorrows. Is there a song that everybody can relate to when feeling all alone?

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