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La Malagueña Salerosa – Spanish and English

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Malagueña Salerosa” — also known as “La Malagueña” — is a well-known “Son Huasteco” song from Mexico.
It is in the public domain the same way the famous song, Cielito Lindo, is and also is very well-known in the Americas.

 Incidentally, Elpidio Ramírez registered the lyrics in 1947. However the song was already known as a type of “Huapango” which is a type of song written “long before the construction of the Cathedral of Huejutla.” In other words, it was already a well-known ballad. So, there seem to be no real claim to the song for Ramirez.

This translation (below) and the American musical interpretation (click link below) are the most culturally accurate and follow the poetic originality in the Huapango tradition. This version is a rock gem!

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Solamente una memoria / Just one memory

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Solamente una memoria

Veo nubes en este día
flotando y corriendo ,
proyectando sombras a través de la pradera,
adviertan a una lluvia de verano. Continue reading

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As each year passes / Como cada año pasa / So vergeht jedes Jahr

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

A poem of transition from womb to woman
here in English, Spanish, and German.


As each year passes

As each year passes new words
are spoken for fairytales and  tunes.
In the evenings sprites, by day, the birds.
Festive parties with balloons.
The taller you stand, the bluer your eyes.
A song in your heart; how we empathize. Continue reading