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Saddest Songs of Rock and Roll – #46

by Lawrence J. J, Leonard

When a friend gives advice, it ususally comes when they notice something is not quite right. In 1974 brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, the Bee Gees music group, were stuck in rut. They had already produced 10 albums for worldwide distribution, but they were not inspired to perform.. Their friend Eric Clapton, fresh from the breakup of his band Derek and the Dominos, just finished a solo recoding session in Miami, Florida. Eric suggested his Ocean Boulevard digs.

Eric was brave enough to speak out of concern. Barry later admitted that it was good advice. Nobody argues with change when it promotes something positive to develop. Most of the time it forces us to stop doing the same old same old. While in America’s sunshine state, the Bee Gees’ music stylings began to head in a new direction. They re-recorded previous tracks with a more R&B style. They even hinted in their lyrics that this new approach might be a failure.

In 1975 when they released the Main Course album their new sound and entertainment stylings were more energetic than previous efforts. The album stayed on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart for 74 straight weeks. A vindication for the reinvention of their music style.

Change is good, but it can hurt. No matter how many times we think we are in a groove, we can look at ourselves in a new way. Deciding to become a better person usually starts with asking the question: “Can’t you feel the wind of change?”

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