Daddy Whipped Cream

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Every time he sings, it’s the blues;
so incredible.
Emotions take a walk in his shoes;
its infallible.

Melody and lyrics a sledge-hammer –
Try to push him over the edge?
He ain’t irascible.
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This is who I am, right now

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The butcher
the baker
a candlestick maker
A shoulder to cry on
The one who pays
attention to you

A dessert maker experimenting
on our ice cream sundaes
with m&ms
over spoonfuls
of peanut butter Continue reading


by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Round and round around we went
surveying every inch of the square,

straight through the jagged alleyways
behind the crooked mall,

high above we stood in the clouds of misty white
watching people stroll the darkness of the streets. Continue reading