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As each year passes / Como cada año pasa / So vergeht jedes Jahr

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

A poem of transition from womb to woman
here in English, Spanish, and German.


As each year passes

As each year passes new words
are spoken for fairytales and  tunes.
In the evenings sprites, by day, the birds.
Festive parties with balloons.
The taller you stand, the bluer your eyes.
A song in your heart; how we empathize. Continue reading

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You woke up, today. You won

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

He walked out of the war zone.
Almost no one survived the barrage.

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LISTS: The allure in power

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

There is a mystical allure in power,
not just energy and its light and heat,
or its forms as a particle or a wave.

Real power has potential while also being a consuming force. Continue reading

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Light in the sky

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Late night storm clouds
swelling and rumbling overhead,
jangling saturated windows
and flashing curtains aglow
with roars that squeeze a gasp
from my thumping heart. Continue reading

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The seeds sing

By Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Quiet farm
to the tune of green ambition
with a song, his rendition
an oft remembered ear – worm
– it’s an early one

Hmm hmm hmm -hmmm
Hmm hmm hmm -hmmm Continue reading