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What are numbers for? ( 3… 2 … 1 … Lift Off!)

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Our interactions with numbers
in the twenty-first century
confess a relationship which is akin to a kind of friendship.

Watch out, because if we get too cozy with nicknames for numbers,
we will be forced to tow the line of their significance
and this will just go on and on into infinity.
[nerd joke]

Let’s have a look at how we talk about and interact with numbers,  
including what kinds of names we give them.
We think we are in control, but the names reveal that they have a hold over us.

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ADVICE: Customer Service – Avoid Classic Fails

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Ever get confronted by poor customer service?

The order was wrong, the invoice did not add up, the sales person was a bit curt,
the person you asked for help did not want to look you in the eye…
these are all are classic failures
of a poorly managed business
by the manager/ owner of the establishment.

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ADVICE: More than satisfied customers

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

If they like us, then they buy from us.  This is a well-known psychological fact of transactions among Human entities.

Do I really know my own potential to do the right thing, the best thing, the customer service excellence thing? How do others view me?

To borrow some clichés: “Is my head on straight?” and “Are all my toys in one sack?”

And how do I handle all the things I need to accomplish
– when the phone does not ring?
– when that email does not arrive?
– when the clicks on the web page haven’t spiked as expected?
– when the boss doesn’t review my submissions (but then I do the same to my own team) ?
– when I only nod instead of greet certain customers with a smile and acknowledgement?

Do I blame my schedule or the pace of my position or the nature of the business?

Do NOT blame anybody or anything.

Go get a mirror.

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