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What your BRAND CANNOT DO (with a cell phone)

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

I woke up this morning. I guess that was a good thing? I got to work and discovered that I forgot my cell phone at home.
As a commuter I was unarmed with video “gotcha” technology.
More importantly, I was not distracted by incessant texts.
I was able to turn on the car radio and listen to real people — speaking — on the air — to me.

Usually, when I get to work my older friends ask me how I am doing.
Telling them anything other than the truth is betrayal.
So, the confession they hear is, “I got up. So, now I’ve got something to complain about.”
And we laugh.
My younger friends ask me, “How is it going?” Telling them anything other than “It’s all good” is TMI (too much information).
Neither group notices I am off the grid this day.
Has this happened to you?

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ADVICE: More than satisfied customers

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

If they like us, then they buy from us.  This is a well-known psychological fact of transactions among Human entities.

Do I really know my own potential to do the right thing, the best thing, the customer service excellence thing? How do others view me?

To borrow some clichés: “Is my head on straight?” and “Are all my toys in one sack?”

And how do I handle all the things I need to accomplish
– when the phone does not ring?
– when that email does not arrive?
– when the clicks on the web page haven’t spiked as expected?
– when the boss doesn’t review my submissions (but then I do the same to my own team) ?
– when I only nod instead of greet certain customers with a smile and acknowledgement?

Do I blame my schedule or the pace of my position or the nature of the business?

Do NOT blame anybody or anything.

Go get a mirror.

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