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Don’t flip a coin! Make a decision.

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Many decisions are made that affect people. People represent potential vendors, current clients, prospective candidates for hire, and even love interests. The decisions we make as leaders influence us and everyone around us financially, physically, and spiritually.

As a leader, It makes sense to slow down and resist the urge to have a knee-jerk reaction to an issue, especially if it is not a crisis situation.

We could flip a coin. Or, it may be wiser to use the following time-tested decision models for any particular cross-roads. It may facilitate that impulse buy at the yacht dealer, inviting a new member to the club, or acting/reacting to a poignant situation involving conflict or praise. 

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Speak to me

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Bob Gauvreau 2014

There is a quiet voice.
It speaks gently.

“When you are moving:
aboard a boat
about your business
above the clouds
across the meadow
after the storm
against the wind
along the pier

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