An ancient act of forgiveness

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Many great stories have been told and written
which describe people of good moral character.

Some in the face of temptation
and others in the face of anger and death
are tested from the point of heartbreak  to the point of extinction.

If we as believers are called to be forgiving,
surely our actions will appear as defiant to some
because many of today’s “authoritarians”
do not understand the concept of forgiveness.

Can an argument over an interpretation be good cause to end a relationship?

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The information age is dead – Long Live AI

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

We can read current headlines explaining artificial intelligence, AI, and its rapid rise to power. It is surpassing Human capacity for thinking, performing, and creating.

We appear to be adapting quite well as a frog in a cooking pot with the water temperature slowly rising to a boil.
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Summer trio

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The ice is melting and the ground can be seen.
The rain washed away where the snowman has been.
Some of the sun’s rays warm the air,
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How to turn on the “Loving Parent” mode when engaging adult children

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

After years of struggling with old people, old souls, and old habits, I have discovered a mindset that, when engaged, puts a fresh perspective in getting on the good side of misunderstandings, arguments and friendships.  Anyone over 21 years is somebody’s child = an adult child, even if there are no parents. Continue reading

It’s your worldview that convicted you

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

“Why,” asked the defendant, “did they jury point out
that I was kind, and pretty and well intentioned?
Then jolt me with a mandatory sentence?” Continue reading