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Your Destiny is Birth Order (and not race)

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

When we came to the end of the Twentieth Century, and all the hullabaloo of Y2K, a lot of innovative research
was not given the attention it deserved.  

Today we have the results and scientific evidence to comprehend and appreciate.

One of the first things we took for granted was establishing a trans-continental digital communications network.

This marvel of connecting countries and people enabled us to gather the facts and
update our life on Earth as we know it.

Here are several confirmed realities: Continue reading

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Kitchen color commentary

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

This is where my red heart beats
as I pour out my love into our meals
using the techniques of a seasoned chef
with the spirit of a bloodied prize fighter
who wants to knock out your taste buds.

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Mars, Earth and Sun Align

Mars aligns with the sun and Earth
in a cosmic display
once every 26 moons

Some will put it on the tube
(if there are any left)
The rest might see it on a screen.

Martians enjoy this solar eclipse
when the Earth steps in between,
only to inch away again for a galactic tan.

This Red Planet opposition
is not political.
This is polemical:

Mars is probably not red.
We see it though the blue of oxygen
It may be as green as it can be,
if the scale came from Neptune.