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Change is not a skill to be mastered

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Change is not a skill to be mastered. Why? We can only escort it though our thoughts and deliver it unto our processes.
Once there, we must learn to walk with it. As soon as we start making changes, we only have yesterday for a comparison.  
Nobody has to change. Something about us always does because of the situations we are in.

American writer Libba Bray writes about a character named Gemma Doyle. Doyle has a revelation in The Sweet Far Thing concerning change: “With this power, there is no telling what I can do to change what needs to be changed.”

What is that power? Electric, supernatural, or is it the will to do so?

Even if we don’t have to change,
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In the Big Picture

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

“This is nothing. This is something.” ………………….. RIP Phil Hartman 1948-1998

In the beginning,
we are told,
there was nothing.

there was something.

In the big picture, this was WHERE we “started.” Continue reading

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You woke up, today. You won

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

He walked out of the war zone.
Almost no one survived the barrage.

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Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Read this! Read this, if you dare.
Do NOT read if you don’t care.

Here’s the truth on our soul’s existence
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L’Homme et La Femme (Man and Woman) – Victor Hugo / translated

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The famous French poet, Victor Marie Hugo  (1802 – 1885) was a Romantic movement writer. Best known in America as the author of Les Misérables  and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. He also produced more than 4,000 drawings.  I find more beauty in his poems. Here is my version of this original French work and the poem itself.

~ my English translation

MAN AND WOMAN by Victor Hugo

Man is the highest among the creatures.
Woman is the most sublime of ideals.
God made a throne for man;
for Woman an altar.
The throne exalts; the altar sanctifies.

Man is reason. Woman, sentiment.
Reason causes light;
Sentiment produces love.
Light teems with life
While it is Love that revives.

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LISTS: I want my

I want my:

Analog                        M T V

Old Time         New Age Religion

C B                  Satellite Radio

Full Size          Hybrid Car

Family             Socialized Doctor

SPCA              Purebred Dog

Prayer              Condoms in School

Gold-based     Fiat Dollar

Full-service      Self-service Gas Station

Rotary             Cell Phone

Family             Solo Dinner Time

Real funny      Sexed-up Films at Theaters

Boy and Girl Scouts      Gangs getting Attention

Sky                  Marijuana Clouds to be Facinating

Patriots            Politicians to plan Tomorrow

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