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Working hard

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The idea of ‘work’ can mean building a palace or
destroying people and places.

Work can be hard, easy, profitable, masterful, secretive and even stupid.

Work also wears a “suit phrase”
which gives ‘metaphor’ a run for its money. (see below)

The biggest question for OG workers is:
How in the world can clicking a mouse be considered work? Continue reading

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You are a guru if

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The light switch by the door in the off position.
Time to turn the switch on.

The lamp in the center of the ceiling uses power
through the switch to illuminate the room.

Everything in the room is surrounded by the lamp light
except the thing that energizes the lamp. Continue reading

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Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Read this! Read this, if you dare.
Do NOT read if you don’t care.

Here’s the truth on our soul’s existence
which will be recounted with resistance: Continue reading



by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

photo: Caroline Gorka

Faith turns out to be enough for a thinker.
Acts turn out to be much more for the doer.

Give a hand in need.

We demand justice when people are selfish,
but cry for mercy when we ourselves stumble?

Give sympathy.

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Turn on the “Loving Parent” Mode for effective Communication in 12.5 steps

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

After years of struggling with old people, old souls, and old habits,
I have discovered a mindset that, when engaged,
puts a fresh perspective in getting on the good side
of misunderstandings, arguments and friendships when conversing with an aged Adult. 

Anyone over 21 years is somebody’s child = an adult child, even if there are no parents.

The following may be extremely helpful for adult children who care for aged parents in need, caregivers, volunteers, 
certified senior advisor (CSA), customer service personnel,
investor relations agents, retail salespersons, or 
anyone who converses with an older adult for any reason.

Success for a meeting of the minds is in having an appreciative and compassionate attitude.

Here are 12.5 ways in which a “Loving Parent” Mode can make your conversations with older adults (not “seniors”) more effective and valuable:

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Little tool box

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The little tool box can be an extension of our personality.
The strong steel and handle make it useful for tangible things, too.

Opening the latch and drawing back the lid
the choices we encounter may be eclectic or simple. Continue reading



By Lawrence J. J. Leonard

How may I do my best every day? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn it off. Only critics can get paid for TV, movies, and text watching. You and I succeed when we leave the room and set our minds, hands, and hearts on preparation, thinking, and doing.
  2. Read 10 minutes each day. Reading quiets the soul. You can learn more from reading a printed book than from a celebrity magazine.
  3. Write 10 minutes each day. Write about what? Write about you – but not the Facebook type of update. How many times did you go outside then wash your hands? Not even you care about that! Clarify your thoughts and ideas in writing.
  4. Call people you love — and tell them you love them. Love is inspiration.
  5. The early bird does not get the worm. Wake up early. The early bird makes the money to buy worms to make fishing profitable.
  6. Love the work? Love it, or leave it for something fulfilling.
  7. Remember that ‘no’ for all good works is neither objection nor rejection. It is only a ‘not yet.’ Get a second opinion if you don’t get why you were told ‘no.’
  8. Gain an attitude of positive acceptance. We don’t tolerate cancer, so don’t get confused if you are called intolerant. You can accept people where they are, just do not accept their rules for your life.
  9. Want to waste energy? Be angry. Anger blocks positive thought. Use your upset energy to let someone know what is happening. Communicate and don’t just complain.
  10. When you don’t know, act on that instinct to learn. How many languages do you speak? How many books have you read? What’s the definition of ___?
  11. See how good you are? Tell yourself how good you can be. Adjust where necessary.

You are worth it.  IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.