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In the Big Picture

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

“This is nothing. This is something.” ………………….. RIP Phil Hartman 1948-1998

In the beginning,
we are told,
there was nothing.

there was something.

In the big picture, this was WHERE we “started.” Continue reading

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What are numbers for? ( 3… 2 … 1 … Lift Off!)

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Our interactions with numbers
in the twenty-first century
confess a relationship which is akin to a kind of friendship.

Watch out, because if we get too cozy with nicknames for numbers,
we will be forced to tow the line of their significance
and this will just go on and on into infinity.
[nerd joke]

Let’s have a look at how we talk about and interact with numbers,  
including what kinds of names we give them.
We think we are in control, but the names reveal that they have a hold over us.

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