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Turn on the “Loving Parent” Mode for effective Communication in 12.5 steps

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

After years of struggling with old people, old souls, and old habits,
I have discovered a mindset that, when engaged,
puts a fresh perspective in getting on the good side
of misunderstandings, arguments and friendships when conversing with an aged Adult. 

Anyone over 21 years is somebody’s child = an adult child, even if there are no parents.

The following may be extremely helpful for adult children who care for aged parents in need, caregivers, volunteers, 
certified senior advisor (CSA), customer service personnel,
investor relations agents, retail salespersons, or 
anyone who converses with an older adult for any reason.

Success for a meeting of the minds is in having an appreciative and compassionate attitude.

Here are 12.5 ways in which a “Loving Parent” Mode can make your conversations with older adults (not “seniors”) more effective and valuable:

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Nine Ways to Break a Heart

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Keep talking about
each inadequate trait
and every breath becomes a frown
by saying there is no longer a connection
because no reason to care
and this will break off a part.   (Why today of all days?) Continue reading

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The Mutual Benefit Formula

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

What we seem to be yelling contains baggage and innuendo.
The very nature of our lives, just one kiss from contentment.
Us – too shocked at the audacity of selfishness
Them – too concerned with not getting enough time to speak Continue reading