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No fail, no success. Know fail? Know success!

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Let’s look at this situation and see if we can use it to help us measure success. Here is a common scenario. It will either be a recipe that is fit for a righteous celebration or a tactical party pooper. 

Success Cake

These are our Success Cake people ingredients: The Group Leader, who manages the Kitchen; a stable of Culinary Professionals; the order from our important customer is a request for a Success Cake. Not just one cake, but a Success Cake from each of the Culinary Professionals. The Success Cake must be made according to the established Kitchen recipe.

These are our Success Cake work ingredients: Dedication, punctuality, teamwork, individual effort, leadership, best practices, meetings, feedback, output, improvements, and, of course, failure. Why? Failure in the past is what helps us remember what to avoid and what to prevent.

These are our Success Cake measurements: sufficiently increased brand awareness (chocolate), higher revenues (two layers), and an enlarged customer base (royal icing). If we can meet all three of these criteria, then aren’t we just doing our jobs?

We work together in a kitchen with Culinary Professionals whose experience ranges from a few months in this kitchen, but years in others, to professionals with many years in this kitchen and no other locations. What happens if there is an ingredient missing?

Someone left the cake out in the rain . . .

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