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And he sent it back from whence it came.

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by Lawrence J. J . Leonard


Yes, on a few occasions have I met
others with supernatural powers.
Understanding their craft was my greatest asset and
realizing that the extent of their

conjuring was only for love, exposed their weak link.
Ultimately, these schoolmates of mine fought each other
rather blatantly, stealing each other’s promised hearts. Even friends.
Sanctuary from such envy was in my leaving so quickly.  Yet, I was
expected to desire their camaraderie after my departure.

“I felt no such pull whatsoever. At their
sincerest, I was but a memory that haunted their dreams.

“Rain, wind and dark mist came upon me one day, and not just from the
ever-changing weather. It seems a haunting nightmare had
vexed these little witches, and they
endeavored to cast a spell of pain upon all those I love.
Righteous in anger for decades, I see now the retribution due me. With all knowing I
State and declare, ‘I love you! I love YOU ALL, my little witches. With all the
energy in my soul. Rules is rules, now. Your curse is reversed! Now, hear me and
delay not, goddess of pain! Flee from me and beset those whom invoked your gift of anguish to reside forever.     

~ excerpt from “The Diary of a Bear and a Mustang and a Tiger.”

He sent it back from whence it came,
that evil and selfish teen girls’ slobbering.

Soon, his family would restore its name.
“Love conquers all.”  Alas, but here it took a clobbering.

Copyright © 1960-2019 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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