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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The following article dissects communication. Ultimately, it defines relationship. I decided to share this with you because it should be as obvious as a big red barn. For some of us, it will all hit home when reading the last line. No worries. You are still cool with me.

Either way, I want you to get the full effect. There is a word that qualifies communication and is also key to achieving relationship.

It is how a Michelin Star chef prepares each dish.

It is the noteworthy modifier for reliable and dependable service, causing a sustainable relationship between customer and purveyor.

When you figure out this word, please check yourself at the bottom of this page.

Communication – Down and dirty – No bull$4!+ – No fine print – As obvious as hell

In my experience Communication works best when we offer a legitimate, honorable, or supportive MESSAGE
from one originating person or point to a different receiving person or point.

If all is well, the MESSAGE is reproduced exactly or approximately, AND
the receiving person UNDERSTANDS the message, including its context.

Here is the way I have experienced communication in the marketplace:

  • MARKETING is when the receiving person perceives VALUE in that same message.
  • SALES is when that receiving person ACTS to exchange something because of that same message.
  • CUSTOMER LOYALTY is when the receiving person SHARES that same message with others.

We acknowledge RELATIONSHIP through our communication when the receiving person LISTENS to what we are saying,
and cares enough to ACCEPT our purpose for giving that message, regardless if there is or is no agreement.

We achieve RELATIONSHIP when we consistently offer a legitimate, honorable, or supportive MESSAGE.

Consistently offering a legitimate, honorable, or supportive MESSAGE is what makes us reliable and dependable,
while causing each of our relationships to become sustainable.

Copyright © 1960-2019 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

The magic word is: consistently.

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