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Elements: For the Record

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Remember that first autumn breeze?

The hottest day of your life?

When did it snow and you got to taste it?

Is there really a day when the sun shines and the rain comes down at the same time?
Oh, yes. It happens.

How do we address the true nature of the weather we encounter?

Let’s consider each aspect of the weather we encounter every day.
And use verbs.


(lack of fire)
Cold burns.
Cold grips.
Cold marches in.
Cold packs.
Cold preserves.

(full of fire)
Heat builds.
Heat escapes.
Heat melts.
Heat is unrelenting.
Heat slams.


Fog appears.
Fog burns off.
Fog dissipates.
Fog engulfs.
Fog turns to ice.
Hail crushes.
Hail dings.
Hail grinds.
Hail piles up.
Hail pummels.
Hail punches.
Hail taps.
Humidity boils.
Humidity swells.
Ice cracks,
Ice forms.
Ice fractures.
Ice pelts.
Rain bounces up.
Rain falls.
Rain funnels.
Rain plops.
Rain stings.

Sleet blankets.
Sleet scatters.
Sleet wraps.
Snow blows.
Snow buries.
Snow drifts.
Snow freezes.
Snow kisses.
Snow melts.
Snow packs.
Snow wafts.


Air burns.
Air chills.
Air dries
Air is crisp.
Air is heavy.
Air is warm.

Breeze cools.
Breeze creeps in.
Breeze slips away.
Breeze warms.
Wind breaks. (ha)
Wind cries.
Wind fizzles.
Wind flips.
Wind howls.
Wind pushes.
Wind roars.
Wind storms.
Wind swirls.
Wind twists.
Wind whistles.

Copyright © 1960-2019 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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