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In the Big Picture

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

“This is nothing. This is something.” ………………….. RIP Phil Hartman 1948-1998

In the beginning,
we are told,
there was nothing.

there was something.

In the big picture, this was WHERE we “started.”

Was it binary or maybe a choice?
Either way, “something” happened. 

Could there have been an alternative output?
Well, yes,
if you accept that “output” implies somebody did “something.” 

Might there have been an unexpected result?
Of course, we have Earth.

This realm, this place, is most unexpected in what we call the Milky Way galaxy. 

In the big picture on Earth, we have:

  • Rain water molecules that don’t clump into bowling ball shapes.
  • Air for Human breathing that contains 70% nitrogen gas which is inert.
  • The duck-billed platypus (was there any other kind of platypus?)

Not to mention Earth history,
but I mentioned it, so how about this:
In the big picture we have the Roman Empire which was obsessed with acquiring things
while not interested in learning about those things it took from its conquered masses. 

And our vast collection of cat videos.
Who knew? 

Some people are astrophysicists
who use ancient scientific data
to explain modern cosmos activities. 

Some people are theoretical physicists
who use modern day hypotheses
to explain ancient cosmos activities. 

In the big picture, some people should not be physicists. 

No one has seen a graviton.
No one can track a gravity wave.
In the big picture, these are new myths.
No scientist TODAY can explain gravity. 

We can see what it should do.
Go here for a Galileo‘s famous gravity experiment: 

No one can explain why surface tension of a liquid is stronger than gravity.
But it is.

In the big picture
Humans try to figure out how things happen. 

In the big picture we will never know “why” things do what they do.
Honestly, it is because
we are asking creation questions of other Human creations.
That is not a big picture perspective. 

QUESTION: What is the difference between writing your will and stumbling upon an ant hill?
One is a legacy. The other is a sea of legs. 

Which sea is your perspective sailing?

Copyright © 1960-2019 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved


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