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Unspoken questions

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

She sees you cruising
on the street

and wonders
how you got there

as she is dodging
traffic and jeers

He talked about
what it was like for him

the perspective that
she labels arrogant

when she jumps to conclusions
then his tears are ignored

They want to control the message
and every form of life

with nothing to say but
the old party line about unity

like “vote for us because we can fix you” but
THEY are broken

She sees him every day
and he smiles

while she hides in plain sight
never seeking clarity

so he wonders what he did wrong
as she wanders away

They think alike act alike sing alike
laugh alike

then we see them age different
react different judge different

finally somebody tries to remember
how the same they really were

up in Montana they have large snows
then clear skies

so a group of cowboys
drove a herd of cattle up there

and the cowboys liked Montana so much
they stayed

Are you privileged?
Did you forget who loves you?
Why do people follow like lemmings in November?
What is wrong?
Could it have been the parent’s fault?
Really, Montana?

You did not ask, but I will go there.

Copyright © 1960-2019 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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