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Talents, Minas, and Investments

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Once upon a time there was some Money

There is an ancient story about a lonely leader, a business-smart person with an enormous and profitable household. There was a lot of money being made because of wise investments. The accountants said, “We are in the BLACK.”  The bankers said, “This household is GOLDEN.”  The creditors said, “This the best example of a GREEN enterprise.”

So, fittingly, the lonely household owner said,” So, what? I can’t sleep with all this cash and goods. I want someone to share it with. Maybe even start a family. I will go to the great metropolis and find me a spouse.”

Consequently, the household owner left instructions with ten specially selected household staff members. Each one was loaned a different amount of money (talents, minas, funds) and each was instructed on when, how, and why each amount could be invested to show a return. The deadline would be six months.

What’s done in SECRET
The lonely household owner was secretly planning to give as a gift all of the profits each employee made then invite them to be guests of honor in a planned wedding upon returning home.

The owner left soon after but was away for a bit longer than six months. For the group of ten, as it is for any team of people, ten different opinions emerged on how urgently each person would follow their instructions. According to their personality traits, each went about using the money.

Some immediately began working and showed a profit in a few weeks. Others waited until right before the deadline to act. A few decided to gamble with the money after losing a larger portion to . . . gambling. One of the staff members was reluctant to follow the steps given and hid the silver coins taken for investment inside a floor vault.

Which version is OURS?
Some of the more industrious staff members who were enjoying a large ROI began to miss their leader. They planned a return party and kept watch.  This is one version of the story.

Some of the other hard-working staff members with robust ROI said to themselves, “We’ve learned the secret of investing! We don’t need the owner telling us what to do any more. We can take over this entire household and keep it for ourselves.” They planned a coup and kept watch.   This is another version of the story.

Business is Business.
There seem to be some obvious differences in the way the lonely household owner managed the enterprise AND treated the staff members.  Some became forlorn and wanted to celebrate the return. THESE people loved their jobs! The owner apparently made sure of it.

There were others in employment who were highly favored, and yet, did not respect the owner. They were interested in money more than their integrity. A group plotted the leader’s demise. These people HATED their jobs! The owner apparently made sure of it.

Sign of the Times
Ever seen a frustrated clerk at Wal-Mart, JC Penney (when you do find one), or any and every grocery store? Ever got the wrong order from a fast food restaurant? Customer-facing employees say things in frustration. When they are neglected, they have sour looks on their faces. WE treat them as if they should know everything about what we want. And, we want it now.

Obviously, many are just not getting that good investment of training and attention from management as they should. For some, they need the work, but not the hassle of great customer service.

REMEMBER: It is not the waiter or waitress who cooked your food. It is not the clerk who ordered too few widgets for the store sale. It is not the cashier’s responsibility to understand or even be able to deliver on 100% of the special requests demanded of them.

When we consider ourselves leaders in business, then WE are responsible for supplying QUALITY TRAINING to the staff and for ensuring the Quality of the TRAINING for the staff. If we are a deputy or a director or a supervisor in business, then WE are responsible for being training advocates AND making sure that training is on schedule and completed.

If we hate where we work: Don’t plot a revolt  Please do not keep working there and give horrible Customer ServicePlot a personal revolution instead. The economy is growing. Write or rewrite a résumé that helps you find satisfying work.

If we love where we work: Be able to enumerate what WE ARE DOING to make customers THANK US and what WE ARE DOING to make the people we work with love their jobs.

Read more about groups, click here: Are your meetings regular?

Want some inspiration? Read the stories:
*   Luke 19: 11-27
*   Matthew 25: 14-30

1 talent = 60 minas = 6,000 denarii = One day’s wages = 80 lbs of Silver (not at today’s prices!)

Have a peaceful and wisdom filled and prosperous 2019!

Copyright © 1960-2019 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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