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More than a cloud

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Everyone casts a shadow
as we walk below the sun.

It follows us throughout the day
and slips away at night.

When evening falls,
a blanket of stars slowly appear above

to dot the purple vastness
and remind us where we are.

One dawn I heard some finches
in the back yard having fun
and ran outside to see them
in the midst of their delight.
They did not jump
but trained their eyes on a pearly white dove
hovering high above my head,
a sparkling lodestar.

What seemed like seconds passed in hours
and when they were done
the finches scattered
then I turned to see a different sight.
A misty white cloud appeared to me
dripping dew on foxglove.
It shielded me from sunburn,
a welcomed trick by far.

My shadow disappeared that day
and no matter where I run

no flash, no flame can make one
because they have no might.

Friends say it’s a blessing.
Unbelievers show no love.

I await the day and hour
the mist bids au revoir.

A holy man once held my hand
and called me the chosen one.

I feel more a safe place
where a stray dog seeks a bite.

My words are not reacted to,
but once it gave a shove.

A hand, it seemed, punched me back
just like a bumper car.

Scientists from every lab
have tried and there are none
who can explain this phenomenon
or why I’m its campsite.
More than a cloud,
less than a pet that I can’t get rid of.
Losing my shadow
has made my life bizarre.

Copyright © 1960-2018 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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