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Your Destiny is Birth Order (and not race)

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

When we came to the end of the Twentieth Century, and all the hullabaloo of Y2K, a lot of innovative research
was not given the attention it deserved.  

Today we have the results and scientific evidence to comprehend and appreciate.

One of the first things we took for granted was establishing a trans-continental digital communications network.

This marvel of connecting countries and people enabled us to gather the facts and
update our life on Earth as we know it.

Here are several confirmed realities:

  • Our Earth ecosystem responds to all matter generated by volcanoes, the sun, and industrialization. 1
  • Anthropologists, biologists, and geneticists have written many articles and books explaining why biological race in humans is nonexistent. Race is not a biological concept. 2
  • A computer will become smaller, more portable, and be able to talk back, but not think for itself. 3
  • The relationship between mind and body, AKA dualism, proposed by René Descartes in 1641 was proven to be foundational on how we perceive our own personal existence. 4
  • No matter how many guns, tanks and missiles armies use, good parenting teaches cooperation. 5
  • When you begin a new business relationship, your level of influence is directly proportional to your ability to solve problems creatively. 6

We continue to re-organize the way in which we process data, use facts and build relationships.

Beginning a new business relationship calls for an individual to express solid communication techniques and problem-solving skills. Exercising these skills smoothly are how we can build rapport quickly and influence positively. Yes, training is important. So is understanding the new corporate culture. Even being generous with food offerings and idle chat are very important.

Most important is having a sense of duty and seeking to be an effective contributor.

Success pathways
Are you a new leader with many reports? Are you an established leader with new/more responsibilities? Are you the freshest face in the group? Are you an interim manager? Are you taking over for someone who was not considered competent? Are you in a parallel position? When an employee is in a new business situation she/he is an active component of
a re-organization.

Not so fast! You are not just a player in this situation. You are the re-organization. You determine what happens next in your job, for your team, or with your boss.

The Matrix – Warner Bros. 1999

As the guru-child Spoon Boy character told Neo (portrayed by Keanu Reeves) in the original “Matrix” film:
Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then, you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

The good news is that a new employment situation does not matter if we are already interactive and organized. The bad news is that if we are not interactive and organized, we will soon bend to the pressure. Can we learn how to be interactive and organized?

Yes, and it requires time and mega-effort. Unfortunately for the non-interactive, scientific research shows that employees who have the clearest success pathways are those who have been honing these “get-the-job-done” traits since childhood.

Birth order – not race
According to psychologist and scientist Frank Sulloway, a Harvard University Ph.D. and M.I.T. research scholar, birth order is a kind of destiny.  How we respond to our parents as an only child, a sibling, or even as an orphan in a group setting will influence our own personal view of ourselves and how we problem solve.

Firstborns tend to be more deliberate in their planning, energetic, hardworking, and self-disciplined. Laterborns are more cooperative, easygoing, straightforward and trusting.

When we grow older and independent, we update and revise how we view influence and define success. As expected, many people still believe that our genes determine our complex behavioral and cognitive characteristics.
It is not that simple.

Studies now show that each gene is only a single player in non-additive interactions of genes, proteins, hormones, food, life experiences and learning.  All of these are what affects us on different levels of cognitive and behavioral functions. In other words: skin color, hair features, eye shape, height and weight do not mean anything when it comes to how smart we are or how we problem solve.

 REMEMBER: The most successful people we know are survivors. They are blue collar workers, entrepreneurs, moms or dads who stay home to take care of the kids, adult children who care for aging and frail parents, and individuals who count on purposeful team dynamics. Most of these people mentioned here are deliberate in their actions and solve problems successfully, build equity through effort, and influence others in a positive way. None of these survivors are successful because their skin color was dark or light or some hue of red or yellow.

 It is that certain something in our personality which causes us to choose either to fall down when pushed or to push back. Successful leaders continuously improve interactive people skills and find innovate ways to solve problems, alone and in groups.

 In order to become a valuable part of a re-organization, we:

  • Become open to new experiences.
  • Act in a conscientious manner.
  • Are attentive and interactive with those around us.
  • Choose to be organized
  • Live out a sense of duty.
  • Seek to be effective contributors.

Copyright © 1960-2018 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

View The Matrix spoon scene – click here.




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