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I missed a light

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

I missed a light
because I followed the speed limit
I did not die. 

I put my phone down and listened to the engine
idle smoothly, then headed across a bumpy road
which reminded me of my childhood. 

This put me one minute and forty-one seconds
off of my pace to reach yet another red light.
I did not die. 

A copse of trees hung over the road to work,
ready to make shade for the coming sunny day.
Seemed heavenly. 

There were school buses moving up the lanes
and police cars ahead chased down speeders.
I did not die. 

I saw people on the sidewalk holding hands
and children making their trek to a campus
just like a movie scene. 

A car with no lights jumped in front of a fast-moving truck.
Suddenly both drivers were angry; later both got arrested.
I did not die. 

Every vehicle has a gas gauge and mine was still kind of full
because the slower I drove the better the mileage
and getting every penny’s worth is a present. 

No tickets. No accidents. No road rage.
No hazardous maneuvering. No sudden starts or stops.
I did not die. 

We know that planning is a characteristic of successful people and those who arrive on time.
So, yeah, I have a new habit now, and no drama.

I missed a light
because I followed the speed limit
I did not die.

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Copyright © 1960-2018 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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One thought on “I missed a light

  1. Thank you for this.


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