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Dreams, between the dark and the light

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Beyond the concentration of handicraft
above the slumber of well-fed babes
turn the head ever so slightly and
pass through the realm awaiting.

It is here the cold hand of yesterday taps every shoulder
and whispers of what could have been and
what should have been are played out
on a silent silver screen.

It is there that the golden angel, Victory, awaits
to guide the spirit to the hallowed hall
allowing the soul to relive an epic contest
to champion a cause.

Once and even twice each year,
yet more often for the chosen,
are the magic carpets of passage afar,
diving deep within the mirror of life
and higher than the Almighty’s throne
where secrets on display are disguised only by Earth-bound perception.

These encounters of utmost clarity embrace us
and we see, no matter the loss of useful sight,
and we hear, despite conductive or sensorineural hearing loss,
and we move, even if neuro-degenerated,
and the manifestation is whole and unbounded and pleasing.

Crossing over
the familiar journey begins:
a few monoliths recognized
determined voices identified
and the tale unfolds
as we star in this play
with its memorable clothing
unforgettable tools
inviting roads
magical powers of movement and flight
all to pose a question,
“Are you the cleverest?”

Slowly but surely all the characters are recognized
as jigsaw pieces of the looking glass
and they need to be replaced without cutting a finger.

Crossing over
the unfamiliar opens out

revealing future events
exposing dark inclinations
recording interactions
causing urgent conscious movement
and a message for a loved one.

Some preachers invite wealth sharing as a means to this dominion.
Some lovers do the same and it is a sad barter.
Some researchers trace the hemispheres and color the cranium in scarlet and gold.
Some of us only just want to get horizontal in order to rest.

Dreams, between the dark and the light
are the twilight of Earth as dusk kills the greys
are the notions of mischief
are the denouement of day
and though dreams happen mostly at night
the new day sun
summons them, too.

Copyright © 1960-2018 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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Author: SpindoctorUSA

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