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Every Billionaire’s Secret

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

My customers ask me all the time, “Where do I place the Treasure Fulcrum?” Okay, so not exactly in those words. What I hear most often is: “Isn’t there an easier way or some secret formula to get lots of money?

I tell them that there is… inherit it. As with any relationship, acquiring wealth demands commitment. This is not a secret.

Let’s Define Wealth

We know that wealth does not just mean money. It can also be defined as value. It can be defined as our brand. The determining factor is that if some thing is valuable to us, then we can be wealthy by adding more value through honest investment.   

The most succinct definition of “investment” is: “someone’s commitment of an asset in a system in order to achieve a planned goal.” We can commit our moneyinterestservicedevotionheartlove, energy and most importantly time. These are our assets and they allow us to have a relationship with wealth. This is not a secret.

Training and Learning

If we invest in ourselves and our employees through training, the monetary benefits are a healthier bottom line and even more opportunities to learn and thus improve our brand’s bottom line in the near future. REMEMBER: Learning also demands commitment.

We must first accept the possibility of success before we believe we can fail. Not the other way around! We must know what our brand stands for in order for it to be successful. Also, not a secret.

Reality Check

Does our brand represent a product that people want? If sales are down, I suggest investing 103 minutes in the film “Other People’s Money” starring Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck, and Penelope Ann Miller. Every billionaire knows what the character Lawrence Garfield knows.


The Billionaire’s Secret

A ‘simple machine’ made with a lever and fulcrum illustrates mechanical advantage. The lever is the  amount of  moneyinterestservicedevotion,  heart,  love, energy and most importantly time we choose to invest. A fulcrum is an object which the lever moves on top of in order to lift our target. The fulcrum is commitment to the project. Understanding what type of Leaders we are makes it possible for us to evaluate our commitment. When we understand what type of Leaders we are, we can use a fulcrum much more wisely. Self-awareness allows us to see where we set the location of that fulcrum.

Here is a list of Leader types:

  • Broker – articulates the corporate vision with other companies
  • Charmer – attracts assets and engages groups
  • Designer – conceives of products and their uses
  • Negotiator – understands the wants and needs of our customers
  • Planner – engineers the systems which deliver our products and services
  • Social Engager – is a brand advocate and a processes guru

Hobbyist or Professional? Authority or just a Devotee? Consumer or Visionary?

Know who you are. Embrace learning. Make the commitment. 
That is every billionaire’s secret.

The person you LOVE the most will appreciate you MORE because you know how to make a commitment.

Copyright © 1960-2018 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day. 




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