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The sun is gong to set

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

What time is it?

The sun is going to set 
through violet
then jet
making time to forget
the things we don’t let
as yet.

If we abet
our null set
with no net
will entice a duet.

You’re a source
of happiness
despite my pettiness,
I confess.

You give access,
you bless,
and my soul does address
the distress
I caress.

we digress
this process
is chess.

Gentleness in bloom
is the inverse boom
of gloom
that does consume
harvest moon,
but we leave strewn
the shy costume
you wore and the one I wore to spoon
and croon
the faint sighs of maroon.

Neither one immune
to the impassioned tune.

Soon now the stars rise
in number and size
purple tries
but midnight supplies
the contrast to chastise
and revise.

We are allies
and likewise
the skies
our compromise
to prioritize
night in place of sunrise.

Many advise.
But what is wise?
Logic heaved endwise
in our cries.

Realize our direct
needs time to collect
necessary intellect
to unleash the architect
for our soul aspect
might select
the abject
of retrospect.

Love cannot misdirect
its target project,
I suspect,
because it is perfect.

Detect, but it’s no use.
We see each other for what we are,
outwardly dark and cool and
inwardly burning white hot.

As you look deep into me
and I stare at your total beauty,
we discover together the essence
of our predicted destiny.

What time is it?
The sun is going to set.

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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