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The Saddest Songs of Rock and Roll – #17

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

This is nothing wrong with death. It is a natural process in the life cycle of living things. Unfortunately, there are circumstances where some of us face death all too soon in our journey here on Earth. American TV advertising floods programming with commercials telling us to buy products which will keep us young and reverse or slow the aging process. Why? Manufacturers think that we are afraid of dying and of looking old. So, they assemble products to “boost” naturally fading hormones. Surprisingly, the Botulinum toxin (BTX) a neuro-toxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum is one of those products. BTX is an acutely lethal toxin that “they think” will stop the aging process through paralysis. Who wants a killing toxin injected into the body, much less injected into the face? Ironically . . . people who are afraid of dying and looking old.

More than 23 years ago, (how’s that for aged?) Scott Hull founded the grindcore band Agoraphobic Nosebleed in Springfield, Massachusetts with Carl Schultz and J. R. Hayes.  While many band members have come and gone, Scott is the remaining original. He is a guitarist and drum programmer who can be pointed out as a significant influence on several drum-machine grindcore bands today.   Grindcore is a genre of music that is considered ‘extreme’ because it uses slow, industrial laden beats, abrasive-sounding tones, including heavily distorted and down-tuned guitars and grinding overdriven bass. The beat can flip to a high speed tempo with blasting vocals – growls and rumblings, and even screams.

Today, the group is made up Jay Randall, Kat Katz, formerly of SalomeRichard Johnson of Enemy Soil and Drugs of Faith, and John Jarvis formerly of Pig Destroyer and Fulgora. ANb has perfected the “micro-song” characteristic by releasing four studio albums and 27 short length efforts in their career. This includes the EP entitled “ARC” which has a track that puts the listener in the center of a death scene. The EP features vocalist Kat. “ARC” is supposed to be the inaugural effort of a four-work EP series. The purpose of which allows each individual band member to express themselves through the grindcore experience.

What is it like when we lose a dear loved one? Do we only shed tears? If our feelings could speak, would they not also scream and growl and breakdown in loud and sorrowful desperation? What is that one thing we would petition our dying loved one before their life oozed from this realm of pleasure and pain?

Number 17
The song “Deathbed” is the second track of the “ARC” EP.  Some grindcore aficionados listen to the band on the unrestricted setting on Youtube then alter the playback setting speed to double fast. Some don’t. But sped up, this song is just as cool. Altering speeds is an old listening technique used back in the 1980s on Robin Trower records. He was solid at 33 RPMs but way more interesting at 45 RPMs. Nevertheless, ANb is bringing the real soul of sadness to bear in “Deathbed” – regardless of  speed. More interesting is the fact that the lyrics do not paint a picture for us. Colors and dimensions of the sadness of the scene are left up to our own imaginations. (See below.)

When we experience the death of a loved one, it can be traumatic.  Even if they slip into eternity in the most peaceful of ways. What we feel may be strong and powerful. We can be assured that it is okay to have these feelings. Eventually we will find closure and move on. If not, we need to speak with a professional. It is always better for us to settle our relationship issues with family and friends before anything bad happens. We have 24 hours to do just that every morning.

Lyrics: written by Katherine “Kat” Katz with music composed by Scott Hull

Too late
The light left
Your hand twitched
Warm still

I cried your name
For not being there

I hate that you went
Without me

I cried your name
For not being there

Forgive me!

Blush left
Your yellow hue
Your frame so thin
I cried your name

The TV buzz
A nurse who
barely knew
your name

Don’t worry
you’ll walk again
Your living face
You lied
Yet you died

You did your best
as I denied

Forgive me!

You just left me
Forgive me!

You just left me
Forgive me!
You just left me

You just left me
Forgive me!

You just left me
Forgive me!

You just left me
You just
left me

You’re on your deathbed
Forgive me!

 . . . Period. And I thought, well, I’d kill myself
and stop the pain. And I said, well that isn’t too good
an idea either because you have friends and people
around you who love you So, I stopped that thought.
Then, I said, well, who am I gonna call? Eh?
So, I called Crisis Intervention Center, and talked
to them on the phone. They said there was nothing
they could do for me for one night.
So, I wound up here by ambulance . . . because
Crisis Intervention couldn’t do anything for me . . .

Depressed? Do something about it. Please find help before making any rash decisions.  Click here: the National Institute of Mental Health.

Eating disorder (ED)? CLICK HEREto get more information from the NIMH.

Read up on PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder Click Here.

Don’t try suicide. Talk to somebody. Click here for the phone number and information.

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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