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The Saddest Songs of Rock and Roll – #30


by Lawrence J. J. Leonard  (WARNING: adult content)

That’s it! I quit!

We hear you. We’ve all been there at some point hoping to get out of a bad situation. It really takes a lot of bad news to break off a relationship. When it is over, though, it is so over. Usually it is not because of one misunderstanding nor a string of them. The reasons to break up with somebody abruptly can be anything from not being appreciated to cheating and lying. The feeling of hurt mixed with anger is not an easy process to wade through.

One of America’s most eclectic musicians and songwriters who is able to articulate this feeling is David Bromberg. His musical tastes run the gamut. They are as varied as the many musicians he has played with.  These include:  Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, Jorma Kaukonen, Jerry Garcia, Rusty Evans, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Vince Gill, Linda Ronstadt, Los Lobos, John Hiatt, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. David’s virtuoso guitar style is featured on 18 solo albums. Although his roots are based in folk music, his songs reflect his life and times. So, what was it that made him so determined to separate from a girlfriend that inspired his iconic break-up song?

David got an idea for the 1976 album “How Late’ll Ya Play ‘Til?” and it involved a big split – but in a good way. The album is a two record / two CD collectors item. The first is a studio session collection of humorous songs. David shows off his guitar blues skill. The second includes his break-up rendition. David must have come face to face with a really unfaithful person. We can feel lost and betrayed when the one who loves us shares their affection with someone else.

Number 30
The song “Will Not Be Your Fool” was not released as a single. It received airplay on album oriented rock stations in the 1970s and 1980s. Even the album  “How Late’ll Ya Play ‘Til?” received critical acclaim without charting on the Billboard 200 Album rankings. We don’t always need to be recognized for our talents. For others, their talents are only performed in the bedroom, which usually earns a scarlet letter. Deceiving a loved one is never prize-worthy.

Lyrics:  written by David Bromberg

You’ve hurt me for the last time
Yeah you finally went and broke my only rule
It’s the last time
you finally went and broke my golden rule
I’ll be your lover or your friend darling
But I’ll be goddam if I’m ever gonna be your fool

I will be there when you need me baby
but I don’t wanna be your toy — listen here
If a plaything is all you want me for
You can get up, go out and get yourself another boy
Because I took that class
I graduated Phi Beta goddamn Kappa from that school
I’ll be your lover or your friend darling
But I’m never, ever, ever gonna be your fool

I gave you all I had to give honey
I sincerely tried to keep you satisfied
I gave you everything I own
I truly tried to keep you satisfied
I gave you all my heart, my love, my car, my money, my
house, my children
The least you coulda done was let me keep one small,
tiny shred of my pride

I would work for you all day
And I would love you all night
I swore and promised to stand beside you baby when
you’re wrong, yeah when you’re right
But look here sugar lips
There’s one thing in this life that I’d never ever do
for you
I’ll be your lover or your friend darling – yes I will
But I refuse to be your fool


Well you gambled with my love this time sweetheart
But I want you to understand this is one time you
finally lost your bet
You’re gambling with my love
This time you lost the bet
Hey look any man dumb enough to hang around for the kind of stuff you hand out
Would deserve every low-kick rotten-leg dirty trick you
and I both know that he’d get

I know you just cooked up this mess to find out exactly
Long you could keep me stuck in it
Pick up your telephone dial information ask for the
You can calculate it to the last goddam minute,
You did not have to hurt me baby
No you did not need to be that cruel
I’ll be your lover or your friend darling
I’ll be goddam, 6 feet under ground, dead in my grave,
buried and long forgot
I’ll be so long gone and forgot that my flesh will have
turned and returned to the nutrients and elements and
the molecules from which it originated
I mean to say that the genus and species of worms that
used to crawl in and out of the sockets of my eyelid
holes will vanish from the face of the earth
I need to say I’ll see the earth leave its orbit
I’ll wear the rings of Saturn for a ring around my
little pinky
I’ll let your sister marry a Venutian
I will see you dead
I’ll see your lover dead
I’ll see his lover dead
I’ll see his lover dead
I’ll see his lover dead
I’ll see that f_ _ _ _ dead
I’ll see everyone you ever knew, loved, touched, stood
next to, heard of, smelt, felt, dreamed about in your
life or any of your descendant’s lives — down to the
168th person
Roasted and tortured in hell
For 1 billion trillion years
16 eternity’s
27 forevers
11 thousand years after that
before I will be your fool!

If you are feeling depressed, do something about it. Please find help before making any rash decisions.  Click this resource, the National Institute of Mental Health.

If you or someone you know has an eating disorder (ED) CLICK HERE to get more information from the NIMH.

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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2 thoughts on “The Saddest Songs of Rock and Roll – #30

  1. This is one of the most essential looks at American music on the web.
    Can’t wait until the Top 20.


  2. Your blog is very cool.


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