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Continual reminder

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Plans are never easy
when contending with the soul.
Success is always worth the price
after accomplishing the goal.

Plans include visualization,
socialization and ramification.
Just like a fighting hole,
success cannot exclude divine supplication.

Plans involve individual, private moves,
so make contingencies abundant.
Success is the only public outcome
that is never redundant.

Plans are customized
to draw out the best and clever.
Success is the one-size-fits-all
from a focused endeavor.

Every now and then
read a reminder to plan.
Once in while celebrate success,
then start fresh all over again.

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.


Author: SpindoctorUSA

American poet, songwriter, and novelist; publishing poetry and short stories in print and online since 1998. Native of Houston, Texas, and former Marine (although there is no such thing as a former Marine). Family roots reach back to Mexico, Spain, Native America, France and Ireland. This promotes a worldview rich in family love, emotion, storytelling, and truth finding. Really enjoys well-written and well thought out verse, and backs away from over-used common and vulgar expressions. Words are music – just find the best “beat” and it will “sing” for you. “Knowledge may be power, while power certainly is love, but love is knowledge. Know who you are.” ~ Lawrence J. J. Leonard (1984)

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