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The information age is dead – Long Live AI

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

We can read current headlines explaining artificial intelligence, AI, and its rapid rise to power. It is surpassing Human capacity for thinking, performing, and creating.

We appear to be adapting quite well as a frog in a cooking pot with the water temperature slowly rising to a boil.
We tell ourselves to adapt to
the technology even though our humanity slips away.

Information and control are passé.

Today, information is a commodity. Just bits and bytes stuck together to express basic alien concepts for Human control.

In 1963 Radell Faraday “Ray” Nelson had a short story, “Eight O’clock in the Morning,” published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It was about a group of reptilian aliens who took over the Earth through technology and hypnotism. In 1988 Hollywood Director John Carpenter based the screenplay and film “They Live, We Sleep” on Nelson’s short story.

Is it possible to mesmerize an entire planet with technology? You know this answer.

As we now understand it, FACEBOOK controls everything about Humans in its very own database because we willingly input it.  FB masters all of our personal secrets and photographic proof besides.

And yet, information is no longer the prime reason we purchase technology. Information is now just a minor component of the techno-world we live in.  We somehow believe that we are in control of our own lives.

We live in the New AI World.

Control is the backbone in this new AI world.  Unfortunately, this world is disorderly.

Engineers and Imagineers warn us that AI is the system or process to bring organization but may be harmful to this biosphere. That is the face of AI.

 AI can work for us when we can’t be there ourselves: home security, stock sales, weather prediction, babysit.  Hmmm?

Those in control of AI will have the dominant Alpha Position in society! They will have the will to power across sovereign barriers and through reinforced firewalls in order to manipulate:

  • Lifestyles
  • Electrical power sources
  • The Food chain
  • Markets and market responses, and of course
  • Information security

Humans have a new world challenge.  Either adapt or improvise.

If we adapt, we accept our technology chains.
If we improvise, we find new ways to live without AI’s invasive control.

Ever make a recording of a morning bird trying to attract a mate by singing its song just as the sun rises?

Ever listen to a morning bird singing just at the sun rises, then taking out your electronic device and produce a “better” song, so that all the female birds come flocking to your window?

This is AI.

AI contorts creation through DNA “improvements” from bacteria to the Human genome

We are coerced into being entertained and not educated as a “worker” in the system.

They tell us that we need to interact with our cellphones.

There is no time to hold hands with a special needs loved one and feel the breeze.

Our time is up.
We must either adapt and accept our middle class dead-end lives, or
we must severely reduce our use of technology and decide NOT to be coerced, contorted and ultimately controlled by AI.

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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