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LISTS: The allure in power

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

There is a mystical allure in power,
not just energy and its light and heat,
or its forms as a particle or a wave.

Real power has potential while also being a consuming force.

Power exists in space and is neither good nor evil, except for the fact that
power has no value until it becomes evident. In other words, it becomes power when we use the energy we have within our own means for an outcome.

We harness power for change  or use it later, more often through an energy cell and less often through a political move for leverage

In the story of the magic lamp, the trapped djinn or genie eventually makes its way out because we want the power that is within.

So, we rub and polish our lamps until something very much like power emerges and takes on new forms, then we alter our landscape and the people around us with it.

Here are some values of POWER as expressed on Earth.
Which ones are alluring?

Absolute power
Anti-gravity power
Power architecture
Power ballad
Power base
Biochemical power
Brow Power (Eyebrow Pencil – IT Cosmetics)
Power cell
Candle power
Charismatic power
Coercive power
Power of combinations
Power County, Idaho (American Falls Dam 1902)
Power couple
Power coupling
Dino Megazord Power (MMPR)
Discourse of power
Power down
Economic power
Electric power
Emerging power
Enigmatic power
Ethics of power
Factorial power
Family power
Flower power
Power Forward
Fusion power
Girl power
Gravitational power
Great power
Hard power
“I got the power” (Snap – 1990)
Informational power
J. D. Power (& Associates – global marketing)
Legitimate power
Power level
Power lunch
Magnetic power
Magnification power
MegaZord Power (MMPR)
Mental power
Power microprocessor
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – MMPR
Power, Montana (a pioneer city)
Power negotiation
Nuclear power
Power of Attorney
Power of combination
Power of leadership
Power of mind over matter
Power of permutations
Power of punishment
Power of rewards
Power of self-determination
Power of trust
Power Off
Power On
Physical power
Power plant
Power play
Power plug
Power Plump Lip Crayon in Power Pink (Sleek Makeup)
Political power
Power position
Power process
Power punch
Power qualities
Power quotient
Referrent power
Power roles
Power sequence
Power skills
Social power
Power socket
Soft power
Power software
Solar power
Power song
Static-electric power
Power Station (too many references)
Statistical power
Steam power
Power structure
Power surge
Power team
Telekinetic power
Power terminal
Tetragrammaton power
Powers that be
The sun’s power
Thermal power
Power time
To the first power
To the Nth power
To the zero power
Power to the people
Power trip
Power up
Power vacuum
Power, West Virginia (a Brooke County community)
Voluminous Power Mascara (L’ORÉAL)
West Virginia Power (Class A Baseball, Minor League)
Veto power
Woman power
Women power
X-ray power

Our power is only as “good” as our intended outcome.

If I missed one, let me know!

ALSO:  “X” is an unknown property. Click here to read about the “Power of X”

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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