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Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Read this! Read this, if you dare.
Do NOT read if you don’t care.

Here’s the truth on our soul’s existence
which will be recounted with resistance:

No one believes Earth’s horizon
is flat AND curved, which ain’t surprisin’.

They say tastes and colors that we choose
were pre-selected through primordial ooze.

Rest assured there is a copy
of your DNA on flash and floppy.

All babies say “ma” and  eventually “da.”
Birth words from Greece to Persia.

It takes three thousand tries to move your hand
and two thousand days ’til we understand.

Everything we think, do and say
is not in a pill but an energy array.

The NSA records it.
the CIA waterboards it.
The FBI dissects it.
Homeland Security double checks it.

What WE ARE is greater than this.
What WE DO makes computers reminisce.

The truth is our there AND within us.
Religions this won’t truthfully discuss.

Break away. Unhinge that grip
upon your soul – the unholy guilt trip.

Chanting ‘go’ or ‘Om’ or prayer
only gets you from here to maybe there.

The more you try to be societal
your soul says, “Look below the parietal.”

If we choose to be enlightened
we must first admit that we’re just frightened,

and accept that we are in a play
all of us actors in our own way,

for none of what we believe is redeeming
because all this time we are still dreaming.

Rest, then get up, next day, again,
“They live. We Sleep.” This is our chain.

FEDEX overnights it.
UPS delights in it.
USPS photographs it.
Starbucks only half-carafes it.

It’s a great to see how really fake
what we perceive is when we’re **awake.**

Living is virtual – “ I almost made it.”
Life can be virtual – “computer generated.”

Daily newsies , rigid like granite,
but bend over backwards if “we found a new planet.”

Out of the matrix and into the flood.
Out of our houses! Out of our blood!

The universe was made by speaking one word
and it was the most beautiful ever heard.

From the CEO to the planners and architect
each one heard it: “Interconnect.”

This is why we have slug and Neanderthal
in body essence cells from poor to royal.

Given life while taking choice,
but paying no heed to the still calm voice?

Violence will stop and anxiety will end
when our very own soul becomes our very best friend.

Each day give it quiet time. For LOVE be a crafter.
The compassion we share now becomes our own ever-after.

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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