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You woke up, today. You won

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

He walked out of the war zone.
Almost no one survived the barrage.

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LISTS: The allure in power

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

There is a mystical allure in power,
not just energy and its light and heat,
or its forms as a particle or a wave.

Real power has potential while also being a consuming force. Continue reading

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Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Read this! Read this, if you dare.
Do NOT read if you don’t care.

Here’s the truth on our soul’s existence
which will be recounted with resistance: Continue reading



by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

photo: Caroline Gorka

Faith turns out to be enough for a thinker.
Acts turn out to be much more for the doer.

Give a hand in need.

We demand justice when people are selfish,
but cry for mercy when we ourselves stumble?

Give sympathy.

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Violent agreement

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Enthusiastic, old guard colleagues
filled the conference hall.

This was the day their net worth
skyrocketed from simple investment to pre-bubble proportions.

It was a golden year for the newly elected
who never counted on the good fortune of inside information. Continue reading