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It’s your worldview that convicted you

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

“Why,” asked the defendant, “did they jury point out
that I was kind, and pretty and well intentioned?
Then jolt me with a mandatory sentence?”

“I told you before,” said the Public Defender,
“this trial was not about who you ARE.
It was only ever about what you DID!

The gallery crowd was growing wild as the judge’s gavel slammed in finality.
“I want to appeal this travesty of justice.
Imma good person. Can’t I speak out?”

While turning to see fans and detractors,
no amount of spin would improve the newly tarnished reputation.

“You had some blockbuster films. So what?
I tried to make clear at the start,” insisted the Public Defender.
“Even if you thought that your looks and smile were golden,
all those online NAKED pictures confirm that you’re JUST a celebrity,
one that’s now convicted as stupid AND ignorant of life’s real consequences.”

“Get me out. Get me outta here! I can’t serve time!

“But you’re gonna. You surrounded yourself with yes men and clueless rich.”

The defendant’s tears mixed with snot, “I wanna go home. I AM A good person!

“Save your pleas and your breath. Quit your crying!
Don’t look up. And shut your mouth in there!” demanded the Public Defender.
“I say this to warn you of the pain you’re about to take on.
Eh, get used to this treatment from your cellmates.”

The Bailiff walked toward them and put his hand on the now convicted,
placing handcuffs on each wrist. They marched arm in arm toward the exit.

The convict twisted around with  a red-eyed frown and
each shoulder begged for a storybook rescue.

The Public Defender raised a hand as if to say goodbye,
then heaved a parting rebuke at the movie star.

“It ain’t about your personality. It’s YOUR WORLDVIEW that convicted you!
No one deserves the bubble they live in.
It was given to you by your fans because your talent made them feel good.
But, no, you had to abuse it by telling them how to think and what to choose.”

The convict’s eyes were fixed upon the lawyer’s face
who mouthed a final ‘shut the f— up in there’
as the gallery crowd roar and staccato camera clicks
echoed back off the courtroom walls.

Copyright © 1960-2017 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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