Light in the sky

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Late night storm clouds
swelling and rumbling overhead,
jangling saturated windows
and flashing curtains aglow
with roars that squeeze a gasp
from my thumping heart. Continue reading

Her soul, her beauty

By Lawrence J. J. Leonard

In English here
 with the Spanish translation is below.

There is some type of voice inside her head.
It is unique and it learns to talk with nurturing grace.

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My Nuss Won! ®

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Why drink a SODA POP that ONLY offers you ZERO calories???
Drink this beverage instead AND LOSE WEIGHT!

My Nuss Won! ®

My Nuss Won! ® actually takes MORE calories to digest than it offers,
virtually guaranteeing you lose weight from trying to swallow it
or the science involved in this endeavor.

Here is the “Formula” : Continue reading

Only today

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

On the Internet I receive THE all-day coupon
and use it to find the BEST gift for your sake, but
it is hard to track down that one THING to show I care
and IN my experience, an armful of presents is overkill. Continue reading