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Digging dogs

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The family dog is sometimes in a hurry
from its puppy time unto its days so furry
to dig up a yard either dry or in a slurry
and place a meaty bone in a pocket to bury.

Before they’re weaned momma hound does worry
that her litter won’t fetch or swim or scurry.
She whispers to each, “Puppy eyes are blurry
but your nose knows when to dig and when to bury.”

diggingThey stretch from a pup in a twinkle and a flurry
through nails, wag tails and strength of a decury.
Every scrap makes noses flare and flap with churry
in search of a bit of bone to hide and bury.

A man in New Zealand, last name MacMurray,
he lived with a holey yard dug by his Kuri.
No pit was fit in the garden of pink spurrey.
So MacMurray culled the breed and his Kuri did he bury.

More than five hundred breeds make up our jury
so expect loud barks if you’re alone in your surrey.
Don’t leave a canine home without a toy to stir, he
will dig sod and lie in cool soil instead of bury.

When it’s time to choose if a cat with its purry
sounds are better than licks, howls and stains on the dhurrie,
know that a mutt won’t care if you name him Uri,
but expect it to love you, dig and also bury.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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