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How God created the animals (maybe) – Part 1

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Please enjoy this holiday repartee between the Creator and the helpers.
Happy Holidays!

G:  Take that rolling green log in the river and fill it with teeth.
Angels: What about eyesight?
G:  Give it two eyelids and uh , , ,  a tasty tail. Continue reading

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Through the Entrance

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

In veiled affliction
a blight of well wishes replaces hugs,
transforms itself into burden,
la bête noire de journée claire.

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Profile of a Trump Supporter

This is another beautiful reason why I love New York
and the Republican patriots who live there.
Check out this thoughtful treatise on truth.

Just click on the “view original post” link, my friends . . .


I was going to do a cheeky post on Taylor Swift or something, but…I just couldn’t. As much as I realllly didn’t want to write about the election, ignoring the state of our nation right now just didn’t sit well with me.

Scrolling through social media and watching the news today, there was definitely a tone. An overwhelming consensus of, almost arrogant disbelief in our country that manifested in highly divisive and passive aggressive comments.

A few highlights: written by my friends on Facebook or sent directly to me:

Trump supporters are “dumb, uneducated, delusional idiots pushing for change, regardless of what disaster may entail. This country is breeding ignorance.”


“If you voted for Trump, explain to me why your female, black, latino/a, LGBTQ+, and Muslim friends don’t matter to you.”

“Trump Supporters: racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, misogynist clowns with an affinity for orange spray tans.”

“Wow. There are racist…

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The seeds sing

By Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Quiet farm
to the tune of green ambition
with a song, his rendition
an oft remembered ear – worm
– it’s an early one

Hmm hmm hmm -hmmm
Hmm hmm hmm -hmmm Continue reading

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Victimization of the bystander

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Standing there
a bystander sees 
the slow-motion action unfold
Criminals slid into position
Victim changed focus
surprising heat and anger
being caught off guard
vulnerable Continue reading